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LA Valiant Roster is “Leaked”


Going into overwatch league new season, the Los Angeles Valiant took a creative and fun way to announce their new signings for the upcoming 2020 season on Wednesday. In a parody to the Custa, Slideshow’s leaked video last week featuring his support Alberto “neptuno” Gonzalez in which they leaked new acquisitions by discussing major roster moves. The Valiants are not to be left out; they used the same style to announce 5 new signings.

The leaked video also features analyst Josh “sideshow’ Wilkinson and his man Scott “Custa” Kennedy. 

In a slight cunny but obvious titled video More_Leaks_dont_publish.mp4 that features Custa and his partner in crime Slideshow and this time the General Manager of Los Angeles Valiants Mike Schwartz. In what seemed like “planned’ off-stream mistake, Scott “Custa” Kennedy signed stream before coming back to the footage. The General asked “you are not still streaming right?” to be sure he is (or not) coughing it out.

La Valiant Roster

In the leaked roster video, the General Manager of the team revealed five new players that have been added to The Valiant’s roster going into the 2020 overwatch league, include the return of Calem “McGravy’ Mcgravey and others from different overwatch contender teams. Here is the list of players as revealed in the leaked roster video…

  • Flex tank McGravy – returning player for 2020
  • Support Owen “Slur” Warner – from Samsung morning star 
  • Main tank Song “Dreamer” Sang-lok – from Sydney Drop Bears
  • Flex DPS Damon “Apply” Conti – formerly of revival and the Florida mayhem
  • Support Mun “lastro” Jung-Won. – from skyfoxes.

Also, three players are no more with Los Angeles Laker going into the season. They have released Brady “Agilities” Girardi and flex support Park ‘Kariv” young SEO who both moved to Toronto Defiant and tank Indy “SPACE” who moved to LA Gladiators.

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