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Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys get Fortnite ban

Kreo, Envy, Slackes, and Keys caught teaming up in Fortnite competitive

Fortnite community has started accusing two of the best duos in Fortnite of teaming up during the competitive matches after a controversial video on Twitter. An user named droxide recently posted a video on his twitter showing Fortnite pros Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys using each other to bypass storm surge damage. Kreo and Envy along with Slackes and Keys has been the top two duos in the competitive leaderboard. However, the video showing them working together in the FNCS Finals quickly went viral in the Fortnite community and led to an outcry against the professional players.

Storm surge in Fortnite aims to reduce the number of campers in the matches. When storm surge happens during the match, it leads players with the least damage dealt to take damage from the surge at random times. The players can end this effect in two ways. One way they can end it is by dealing damage to others and no longer becoming the least damage dealt player. An alternative way is waiting the surge to pass. When storm surge goes away, the effect on the players also ends.

Video shows Fortnite pros Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys working together to get increased damage using Slurpy Swamp. The swamp provides unlimited supply of shields to the players. In droxide’s video, both duos are using these shields to deal damage without the risk of killing each other. As a result, both duos were exploiting the mechanic at the swamp to get a huge damage boost during the competitive Fortnite match.

Bucke on the controversy

Later on, Bucke responded to the controversial video saying that he and Kreo weren’t working together with Slackes and Keys. He said that they were starting a fight whenever someone step afoot on Slurpy Swamp. He added that there were even times in other tournaments when they killed each other at the swamp. Envy explained that they would sometimes get either “naded” or “triple dinked” and end up killing each other during the matches.

On the other side, Bucke’s explanation still didn’t cover the video going viral among Fortnite community. Another professional Fortnite player Liquid Chap also commented on the teaming issue. During a stream, he said that Kreo, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys were switching their targets and shooting each other in the head constantly. Chap added that they were working together and it was unacceptable. He also commented on how it was blatantly obvious at the time when you looked at their Twitch streams.

Epic Games

After an ongoing outcry calling for two professional Fortnite duos to get a punishment, Epic has quickly responded to the issue. After confirming Kreorr, Bucke, Slackes, and Keys were cheating during the competitive matches, they have now received 60 days ban. This also means the Fortnite professional players won’t be able to take part in the FNCS tournament.

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