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Hyperparasite will be releasing this April

Troglobytes Games & Hound Picked Games recently announced their new IP, Hyperparasite drops next month.

Troglobytes Games and Hound Picked Games recently announced that their rogue-lite twin-stick snatch, zap and shoot ‘em up, HyperParasite will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch NA and EU on April 3rd 2020. The game will then launch on April 3rd on Nintendo Switch. Back in October, a Kickstarter campaign designed to accelerate development and aid the porting to consoles. But it ultimately failed, only generating around 10,000€ of its 25,000€ goal. However, it seems the game has now made it through its development stage and you can now check out the new announcement trailer below.

What is the game’s synopsis?

For those unfamiliar, HyperParasite is a top-down action roguelite in a dystopian, retro-futuristic version of the 1980s. The gametakes place in an alternative reality with a parasitic organism  crawls through the world as an invisible entity capable of taking control of human beings. Thus the parasite begins to make them unwilling hosts to wreak unfathomable havoc, where World War III has been declared. Martial law has been enacted, resulting in battle-hardened law enforcers becoming allies with the most degenerate criminals to hunt down those that need to be eliminated. The unexpected twist is that you are the organism on a mission, with the freedom to control 60 different classes to explore their weapons and moves to conquer the game’s 13 levels, crazy boss fights, and mini-bosses. 

What is the gameplay like?

The game also boasts an 80s-style 3D pixellated retro art style, HyperParasite features five acts of procedurally generated levels, laced with secrets, comedy, tentacles, and a “bodacious synth-wave soundtrack”. It is also described as a “fresh take” on the familiar twin-stick shooter. And it supposedly offers incredibly slick fast-paced action and responsive controls. “It’s time to adjust the flux capacitors and get ready to see some serious shi!t, it’s finally time for HyperParasite to slither into homes all over the world and invade new host players!” said Saverio Caporusso, CEO of Trologbytes Games. “Comb your mullet, pull on that shell suit and get ready to go back to the 80s.”

The game also packs a local co-op mode. So you can bring along a friend to revel in the carnage with you. The game has been available for Windows PC on Steam Early Access. And the notes state that the developer plans to introduce more skills, items, sub-levels, more mini-bosses, and bigger bosses.

Hyperparasite will launch on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch next month on April 3. It’s current price is $17.99/£13.99/€14.99. With a limited time 33% discount until 18th April.

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