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Halo: Reach players being banned for AFK farming

343 Industries is banning players who are using exploits like AFK farming in Halo: Reach to boost XP gains.

Developer 343 Industries has officially taken action against Halo: Reach players who have been making use of exploits such as AFK Farming to artificially boost their experience gains. As a result, lately there have been a number of Halo: Reach players on PC who’ve suddenly found themselves with a ban. 343’s latest Xbox Halo: The Master Chief Collection development update helps clarify why:

“We are committed to ensuring that players have a positive, fair, and safe experience playing MCC online,” developer 343 Industries wrote. “While many of the behaviors we’ve seen may seem innocuous, the reality is that when a player participates in something like ‘AFK farming’ in Grifball, they’re creating a negative experience for all the other players in the session. Over time, this creates real issues and hurts MCC by driving away frustrated players.”

343 shared a list of three things that may earn you a ban:

  • AFK & Macros: This has been and will remain a bannable offense. For now, we have only issued temporary bans based on the egregiousness of the offense. We will continue to monitor this behavior and take enforcement action as needed.
  • Coordinated XP Boosting: This is a bannable offense and falls under category of unsociable and unsportsmanlike behavior. Many, if not all, of the reports we have received on these involved various forms of bullying, hate speech, intimidation. And betraying against players who joined a match and did not want to participate in the XP boosting activity. This is not behavior that we will allow or tolerate in any way. And we encourage players to continue to report instances of this happening so we can investigate. Also remember to mute other players and on Xbox, you can ‘block’ and ‘report’ players who violate the Xbox online code of conduct.
  • Firefight Suicides: Intentionally suiciding in Firefight in an effort to exploit XP gains is another bannable offense. It falls under the category of unsociable and unsportsmanlike conduct. We will will be investigating reports of this behavior and we will issue punishments if found true.

Halo: Reach is available now for $10 on PC through both Steam and the Windows 10 Store. As well as on Xbox One as an add-on to the Master Chief Collection for the same price.

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