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Game Analyses: GTA: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas – Game Analyses

This San Andreas Game Analyses focuses on plot synopsis and game improvements.

San Andreas Plot:

A former gangster of the Grove Street Families from Los Santos, Carl ”CJ” Johnson, returns home from Liberty City after his mother’s death in a drive by shooting. Before reconciling with his family, CJ is cornered by a corrupt cop Frank Tenpenny who strong-arms CJ to work for him by intimidating to frame him for the murder of an Internal Affairs officer whom Tenpenny had gotten murdered.

CJ reunites with his brother Sweet and sister Kendl at their mother’s memorial. Sweet blames CJ for the fall in the Grove Street Family’s fortune. CJ stays to help them regain their stature. The brothers work with Big Smoke and Ryder and proceed to unify the Grove Street Families and re-conquer their old turf from the Ballas. CJ also performs illegal quests from Officer Tenpenny. 

With regained gang strength, Sweet plans to ambush the Ballas which will end the war. However, CJ chances upon Big Smoke and Ryder working with Ballas and Officer Tenpenny to hide the car used for Beverly’s demise. This discovery infuriates CJ as he further learns that Big Smoke and Ryder had orchestrated the shooting and were working with Tenpenny and the Ballas to betray the Grove Street. While CJ rushes to warn Sweet, he finds Sweet severely wounded from a counter-assault by the Ballas. Officer Tenepenny arrives and arrests them. With the Grove Street leadership removed, Big Smoke and Ryder merge with the Ballas. They take over the streets of Los Santos and get protection from Officer Tenpenny.

San Andreas Story Development:

Officer Tenpenny exiles CJ to the Los Santos countryside where he is forced to work for C.R.A.S.H under orders from Tempenny with Sweet’s life as a bargaining chip. CJ works and assists a hippie called The Truth and a sightless Chinese-American Triad leader called Wu Zi Mu. CJ meets the Loco Syndicate in San Fierro. They are the drug peddlers for Big Smoke and Ryder. CJ penetrates the organization and kills Ryder and other Loco Syndicate leaders like Mike Torreno, destroying the factory. 

CJ gets called to the desert by a mysterious voice of Mike Torreno. Torreno divulges himself to be a covert Government agent spying on criminal operations and enlists CJ’s aid in exposing several illegal operations in exchange for freeing Sweet. In the meantime, Wu Zi Mu requests CJ to Las Venturas to aid them in gaining city’s power from the rival mobs. CJ gains trust of Salvatore Leone of the Leone Mafia Family from Liberty City, one of the mob bosses in Las Venturas. CJ meanwhile, plans and executes a heist that returns the Triad to power in Las Venturas.

Fearing arrest, Tenpenny instructs Eddie Pulaski to kill CJ and another officer Jimmy Hernandez; an informant for IA. Pulaski forces CJ to dig his own grave but is attacked by a severely injured Hernandez. Pulaski kills Hernandez and flees but is killed by CJ. 

CJ returns to Los Santos. Sweet is released by Torreno. Sweet approaches CJ and jointly they retake the streets for Grove Street family. Tenpenny is arrested but is released due to lack of evidence. 

Sweet discovers Big Smoke at a crack den and assaults him with CJ. CJ fights his way through the building and faces Big Smoke. CJ fights and kills Big Smoke after he confesses of his betrayal. Tenpenny arrives to assault CJ and tries escaping in a stolen fire truck. CJ and Sweet pursue him. Tenpenny loses control of the truck and crashes off the bridge landing at the entrance of Grove Street’s home. The protagonists watch as Tenpenny exits the burning vehicle and succumbs to his injuries.


GTA: San Andreas is an action-adventure extravaganza with substantial role-playing and stealth components. An open-world is at the disposal of the player with third person perspective. Players can walk, run, swim, climb, jump and engage in melee and firearm combat either directly or through vehicle. Players can commandeer all sorts of vehicles.

Gameplay is non-linear and layers can complete missions at their leisure. Players can create havoc increasing the wanted level. If arrested, players start from jail. If killed, players return at hospitals. New optional side quests increase the player’s attributes and skills.

Several businesses become accessible after concluding missions. Wandering inside inaccessible locations attracts the attention of the authorities. Players can for the first time swim and climb walls. Players can dual wield firearms for greater damage. 

Player customizations are in terms of clothing, haircuts, etc. purchases. CJ’s appearances can inspire respect and modulate responses from NPCs. Players must ensure health of the character. 

Additional features:

Gang Wars: Killing 3 members of a rival gang will incite a gang war. Surviving three consecutive enemy waves defeats the gang. Controlling all territories ends the war.

Car mods: Several garages enable modifications like visual mods, hydraulics by increasing or lowering height or speed boost upgrades.

Burglary: Stealing a burglary van enables players to enter homes and burgle them.

Minigames: Minigames like pool, basketball and classic arcade games are available for playing.

Money: Players spend their money on several purchases like clothes, tattoos, haircuts, gambling etc. Excess gambling causes player to go into debt.

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