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Grounded demo heading to Xbox One and PC

Obsidian Entertainment has revealed that their Grounded demo is officially coming to Xbox One and PC.

The Outer Worlds developer Obsidian Entertainment has announced plans to release a limited-time demo for Grounded, its upcoming survival adventure game. The demo will be available from June 9 till June 14 to coincide with the Steam Game Festival portion of the Summer Game Fest. The festival part of the Summer Game Fest involves developers releasing dozens of game demos on both PC and Xbox One. A single-player demo for Grounded will be one of the festival’s games. Xbox Insiders will be able to test out the game on Xbox One, while PC players will have access via Steam. 

What’s the game’s synopsis?

For the uninitiated, Grounded is a first-person adventure/survival game. In which you are shrunk to the size of an ant and must survive in the beautiful yet perilous micro-world of a suburban backyard. This harsh and dangerous landscape can be navigated solo or with up to three additional players in a co-operative multiplayer. As you work together to progress through thrilling story-based missions. Or explore the farthest reaches of the intricately detailed game world.

The backyard is rife with different kinds of ants, flying insects, and spiders. You must gather, craft, and build bases from scavenged items found in the backyard, searching for life-saving resources. Such as the dew off grass to quench your thirst or transforming an acorn shell into body armor to defend against a host of unpredictable creatures. “More ways to play the single-player demo means more of you get to play! See you in the backyard on June 9th!” the company wrote on its website

What is the gameplay like?

Grounded will feature a standard single-player mode as well as a four-person online multiplayer, both of which will be story-driven. The game’s director Adam Brennecke noted during an Inside Xbox episode that while the storyline won’t be finished when it’s in early access, the team will be assessing player feedback to further develop the game. Microsoft also states a “limited number of slots” will be available for the Xbox One demo, and available on a “first-come first-serve basis.” So if you’re not yet an Xbox Insider, you’ll need to join the Xbox Insider Program to have a chance to participate. You can then start downloading Grounded through the Xbox Insider Hub program. With the opening of the flight announcement coming through the game’s official Twitter account. Meanwhile, there is no limit for the Steam demo.

The Xbox One test will be available exclusively through the Xbox Insider Program. Microsoft’s opt-in initiative for trialing upcoming Xbox One system updates, and select games. While also available via the Xbox Insider Hub for PC on Windows 10. The demo also branches to Steam through the Steam Game Festival. PC players are able to add it to their wishlist now

Grounded’s early demo hits Xbox One and PC on June 9. And extends through June 14, with its early access debut on July 28. And its formal launch scheduled for some time in 2021. The game will be free for all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers on Xbox One and PC.

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