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Golden Guardians get the last LCS playoffs spot

Golden Guardians have officially qualified for the 2020 LCS Playoffs after defeating Dignitas in the final week.

After the critical victory in their latest LCS Spring Split match, Golden Guardians has now placed in the sixth spot in the standings. The League of Legends team had a faceoff with Dignitas in the last week of the matches. After defeating their roster, they are will now be entering the playoffs season. They are also the last team to qualify for the playoffs. Golden Guardians will enter the upcoming season in the losers’ bracket as they are in the sixth place.

Golden Guardian had started their game with a well balance draft on the jungle. However, Dignitas was once step further on the map. Henrik “Froggen” Hansen on their roster has made an aggressive push in the early game to get the team the first three kills. He successfully took down Greyson “Goldenglue” Gilmer with his sudden attack and moved on to continue killing others.

Later on, Golden Guardians brought Victor “FBI” Huang against the other side. FBI first moved in to kill the Mountain Drake and then started to put pressure on Dignitas roster. After some time, Goldenglue managed take down Baron, which gave FBI the push he needed to finish the game. Dignitas tried to counter him in hopes to turn the tide around. However, FBI took down three of the heroes before finishing the game.

Goldenglue and his Baron kill has been one of the highlights in Golden Guardian’s game against Dignitas. After the game FBI said in an interview that he felt like he didn’t do enough in his role. He said that he was thankful for Goldenglue to carry the team in the teamfight. FBI added that it would be terrible if the team were to lose the game because of his poor play.

LCS Spring Split and playoffs

The game between Golden Guardians and Dignitas has been one of the closes matches in the last week of LCS Spring Split. The two teams have also been almost even in their standings. With this victory, Golden Guardians will proceed to the playoffs season. Due to their sixth place finish, the team will be starting off in the losers’ bracket. This also means that they will carry the risk of dropping from the playoffs with a single defeat.

LCS Spring playoffs will begin on Saturday at 3pm CT. The first matches will be between Evil Geniuses and FlyQuest.

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