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Game Analyses: Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing game developed, published and released by CD Projeckt in 2015. It is the third instalment in The Witcher series and is a sequel to The Witcher 2: Assassin’s of Kings and is based on The Witcher series of fantasy novels by Andrzej Sapkowski. Since its release, the game has won many accolades for its engaging storyline, gameplay, combat and visuals. If you want to read more technical information (such as system requirements or ratings) feel free to read Witcher 3 Game Info article.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Story

Geralt springs into action when he is summoned by Emperor Emhyr to the city of Vizima. Geralt is tasked with finding Ciri spotted in Velen at Crow’s Perch at Bloody Baron’s fort. With no help from the baron, Geralt is told by the sorceress Keira Metz that an elvish mage was looking for Ciri and directs him to the Crones of Crookback Bog who tell about Ciri’s escape before the Wild Hunt and they have enslaved Anna, the Baron’s wife. On return, the Baron directs Geralt to Novigrad after Ciri.

At Novigrad,

Geralt learns from his former-lover (Triss Merigold) that Ciri had met his friend Dandelion whom Geralt rescues from Novigrad’s criminal underworld. He learns that Ciri had teleported to Skellige archipelago. Geralt sails and rejoins Yennefer at Skellige who is investigating a magical explosion linked to Ciri. They discover the presence of a deformed magical creature Uma during Ciri’s escape at crow’s perch. At Skellige, Geralt can help decide the next ruler post king’s death and Yennefer breaks the magic bond between them and Geralt is left with the choice of ending their relation or affirming his love for her.


Uma is brought to Kaer Morhen where his curse is lifted and he is transformed into Avallac’h. Uma reveals teleporting Ciri to the Isle of Mists to protect her from Lofoten attack. Geralt finds a deathlike Ciri at the island who is revived by Avallac’h’s magic. Ciri tells of the destruction of Eredin’s (King of Wild Hunt) homeworld by the White Frost and that he wants Ciri’s power for conquering the continent. Pursued by the Wild Hunt, Ciri and Geralt teleport to Kaer Morhen where they reunite with Triss, Vesemir and Yennefer and battle the Hunt during which Vessemir is killed. This unleashes Ciri’s Elder power which makes the Hunt retreat. After Vessemir’s funeral, Geralt travels to Novigrad with Ciri where they reform the Lodge of Sorceresses with Yennefer and Triss to aid them in their battles.

The allies travel to Skelligian island of Undvik where Avallac’h uses the Sunstone to lure out Eredin and his fleet. A battle ensues between Geralt’s allies, Nilfgardian fleet and the Hunt where Geralt kills Eredin. With the White Frost descending on Skellige, Ciri uses her Elder blood powers to defeat the White Frost. Previous choices determine how the game ends. Geralt can retire with Yennefer or Triss or remain a lone witcher if Ciri is alive. Ciri will become an empress when brought to the emperor if Geralt helps Nilfgard win the war. If in the White Frost battle Ciri dies, Geralt goes to retrieve the stolen medallion where he is surrounded by monsters with his fate unknown.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Gameplay

Players control Geralt of Rivia in this open-world, third-person, action RPG from CD Projekt. Geralt is a monster hunter known as the witcher who can walk, run, roll and dodge and jump for the first time in the series. Geralt wields one steel sword effective against humans and one silver sword more effective against animals and monsters. He wields bombs and a crossbow. Geralt can switch, draw out and sheath swords at will. Light melee attacks are faster with less damage, heavy attacks are slower and stronger. Geralt has five magical attacks along with his physical attacks: Aard (telekinetic blast), Axii (enemy confusion), Igni (burns enemies), Yrden (slows down enemies) and Quen (temporary protective shield). Magic uses stamina which depletes over repeated use and replenishes with time. Mutagens can be used to increase Geralt’s magic powers. Health loss occurs when attacked by enemies but the rate is less when wearing armour and health replenishes over time. Players can also control Ciri (adopted daughter) occasionally who can teleport short distances. The game has a dynamic environment and a responsive advanced Artificial Intelligence. The difficulty of enemies changes with Geralt’s level as the game progresses.

Narrative and Endings

Progress of the game is narrative dependent and is completely based on the decisions the players take. Talking to NPCs is facilitated by a dialogue wheel with possible dialogue prompts. Depending upon the decisions Geralt takes; the game is programmed to have 36 alternate endings. With the main storyline, players can choose to complete several side quests by accepting them on a town’s notice board. Side quests like Witcher contracts of hunting monsters or animals and Treasure hunt quests reward players with armour or weapons. Completing a mission returns experience points which level up Geralt and provides ability points. The ability points are used to upgrade combat, signs, alchemy and general skills and unlock new perks. Main mode of transportation is on horseback of Roach, Geralt’s trusted companion. The open-world environment can be explored for points of interest and other activities like boxing, card playing and horse racing.

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