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Game Analyses: Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games released Red Dead Redemption 2 back in October 2018 on PS4 and Xbox One platforms. It was released as a prequel to the 2010 game and is the third game in the franchise. Before reading this game analyses, you may want to read Red Dead Redemption Game Analyses. Also, if you want to know more about the technical information such as ratings or system requirements, you can read our Red Dead Redemption Game Info.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Story

The player follows Arthur Morgan, a lieutenant and veteran member of the Van De Linde gang, led by Dutch van der Linde. The gang includes his best friend Hosea Matthews and John Marston amongst other members.

The story begins with a failed ferry heist in 1889. So, the gang is forced to abandon their money and flee Blackwater. The gang then decides have some money to retire. They rob a train, which is owned by Leviticus Cornwall, and perform numerous heists in promising the next heist to be last.

In response to the train heist, Cornwall recruits Andrew Milton and Pinkertons. However, this results in a shootout and the gang relocate to Lemoyne. At Lemoyne, they fall in between two warring families, the Grays and Braithwaites. These families are rumoured to hold onto Civil War gold. The gang obliterates the two families when they are ambushed by them

New Crimes, New Gang

After Crime-lord Angelo Bronte at Saint Dennis returns John’s son Jack, the Braithwaites kidnapped him, the gang joins Bronte. After that, Angelo Bronte offers the gang work but finally betrays them. Dutch then kidnaps and feeds Angelo Bronte to alligators as revenge.

After a botched bank robbery in Saint Dennis, John is arrested and Hosea and Lenny are killed by the Pinkertons. Thats why, the Rest of the gang escape to Cuba. With an accident at Sea, the remaining members wash up at Guarma. Here, they aid the enslaved population in the war against the tyrants. This results in their victory. They use this for securing a ride to the United States where they are reunited with the gang.

Unexpected Raid

The gang further falls into disarray as Pinkertons raid the camp and Dutch believes there to be a mole in the gang. Arthur keeps losing faith in Dutch as he feels that Dutch has lost sights of his ideals, more violent and paranoid. Arthur then finds out that he has tuberculosis and short time to live. This makes him contemplate his actions and plan to protect the gang in his absence.

After several members leave, Dutch plans to perform one last heist of robbing an Army train. Arthur completely loses faith in Dutch when during the heist Dutch leaves John to death and refuses to rescue Abigail. While rescuing Abigail with Sadie, Arthur learns that Bell was the Pinkerton’s mole.

The Collapse of the Gang

Arthur and John confront Dutch and Bell which marks the collapse of the gang. Pinkerton’s arrive and all flee into the woods. After that, Arthur can now choose to protect John by buying him some time. Or, he can go back to the camp for the gold. Arthur gets ambushed by Bell after either choice and is confronted by Dutch. Arthur convinces Dutch to leave Bell. If Arthur’s Honor level is high enough, he will succumb to his ailment and pass peacefully else he will be executed by Bell.

Eight years later, John Marston living with Abigail and his son Jack. On finding the whereabouts of Bell, John, Sadie and Charles pursue him to see him being shot dead by Dutch. Because of that, John then shoots and kills Dutch and pays his dues with the Blackwater Stash he finds at the camp. John returns home and marries Abigail starting their new life.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a Western-themed Action-adventure game which can be played FPS and TPS. As the main protagonist, the player controls Arthur Morgan and gets to complete a linear set of missions. Apart from the missions, the player is free to roam the open world where you can investigate the vast uncharted lands (a speciality of the game). Gamer can interact with different settlements. Main mode of transportation is on horseback and abilities depend on the breed. Horses can be trained, tamed or stolen. The player develops a bonding with their horses by uses. This provides certain advantages to the rider.

The outcome of the game depends upon the player choices in the main mission. Honour system from its predecessor is also in the game. It measures Arthur’s actions in terms of morality. Negative deeds reduce the player’s honour whereas positive deeds add to it. Honour rating helps in the story as they decide the dialogue from Arthur which further will affect his choices. Higher honour levels grant unique benefits.

Clothing changes with respect to climate. Health and stamina bar can be upgraded and are responsive to the situations based on gamer’s choices in the game. The player can bath or visit barbers.

The Dead Eye Mechanism

Combat mechanics include use of melee attacks, firearms and explosives which are better than its predecessor. The player can perform dual firearm wield and can use a bow. In terms of weapon handling, players can improve ‘Gun Experience Points’ by using the same weapon. This unlocks several perks. The Deadeye mechanism of targeting from the previous game is also an option for the player. This allows the player to slow down the time to mark targets. Once targeting is done, you can shoot in a short space of time. This Dead eye mechanism is upgradable with progress granting players more abilities, even spotting weakness in the enemies.

The bounty system is also present in this game. The wanted level of the player increases with increasing crime. With enough crime, a US Marshal will come to apprehend the player. To escape law enforcement, players can pay it off at a post office

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