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Game Analyses: Portal 2

Portal 2

Portal 2 is a first-person perspective puzzle-solving game developed and released by Valve Corporation on Windows, OS X, Linux, PS3 and Xbox 360 platforms and released in April 2011. You can find more regarding the rewards, ratings and system requirements for Portal 2 in this game info.

Plot Synopsis

The first Portal game was set between Half Life 1 and Half-Life 2 with Portal 2 being set after Half-Life 2.

The Aperture Science Company conducts a series of experiments in human subjects to see how they navigate designed test chambers. However, GlaDOS, artificial intelligence, kills all the employees. At the end of the first game in the series, Chell destroys GlaDOS and momentarily escapes. But she is returned to the facility.

It all Starts When…

Chell wakes up to to a surprise in a stasis chamber of a motel in the Aperture science complex. A personality core called Wheatley helps Chell escape through the old test chambers but GlaDOS is accidentally reactivated and GlaDOS then separates Chell and Wheatley. GlaDOS then rebuilds the lab.

Later, GlaDOS subjects Chell to new tests. Wheatley again helps Chell escape. Furthermore, He also helps Chell to sabotage the manufacturing plants of Aperture and replace GlaDOS core with that of Wheatley’s. However, the power of the controller consumes Wheatley and retaliates by attaching Glados’ core to a potato battery. GlaDOS explains Wheatley to be an “intelligence dampening core” designed to create illogical thoughts and impede GlaDOS’ own personality. Later, Wheatley drops both of them to the lower lab levels down an elevator shaft.

Team up With the Enemy

Chell forms an alliance with GlaDOS to stop Wheatley hesitantly.  They traverse through older parts of the lab built-in 1960s, 70’s and ’80s and recover audio recordings of Aperture founder Cave Johnson. With this, they learn the details Aperture’s loss of power and prestige and the poisoning of Johnson by moon dust. The tapes expose that GlaDOS’s mind was that of Johnson’s assistant Caroline which disturbs GlaDOS.

The duo proceeds to the current lab where they traverse through Wheatley’s test chambers. Here, To defeat Wheatley, Chell tries to attach three tainted personality cores to Wheatley’s and reinstate GlaDOS as the controller. But, Wheatley engages facility self-destruct by destroying the button needed to perform the core transfer.

One Last Battle

Chell then places a portal on the moon which takes Chell and Wheatley to space while GlaDOS reclaims control. GlaDOS then recovers Chell and leaves Wheatley in space. Later, when Chell wakes up, GlaDOS tells she has learnt a lot about humanity from the fragments of Caroline’s personality. Deciding that Chell is not worth all the trouble GlaDOS lets her go.


In the single-player mode, players control Chell while in the co-op campaign, players can control either of the two robots –Atlas and P-body. Here, the playable characters interact with the surroundings and sustain damage which amasses over time leading to death if not replenished. Also, the instant death of the player character occurs if they fall into a never-ending pit or a toxic pool. Meanwhile, Chell’s death restarts the game from a recently saved checkpoint. Here, the main goal of the game is to steer through the Aperture Science Laboratory. The place is an intricate but flexible maze. In certain areas or chambers, there are clear entry and exit points. But, in certain other chambers, the objectives are not well defined The player must manipulate the surroundings in order to progress through the chamber.

Moreover, there are tutorials at the commencement of the game which teaches movement controls, how to manipulate the environment and how to use the portal gun. The portal gun or Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device creates two portals to unite two distant surfaces. The surfaces can be flat, matte white and continuous. These portals help the player to traverse rooms. Also, players can use portals to toss themselves or objects across a distance. Outlines of placed portals make them easily visible through walls.

Obstacles and Things to Watch Out For

Gaming elements like Tractor beams, Hard Light Bridges and Lasers can be transmitted through portals. Also, there are constructions, Aerial Faith plates, which can launch Players or objects into the air into portals. Furthermore, players must completely disable or avoid turrets. Weighted Storage Cube is remodelled to give new types like Redirection Cubes (prismatic cubes to redirect laser beams), spherical Edgeless Safety cubes, antiqued Weighted Storage Cube and a cube-turret hybrid. These gaming elements are designed to help or prevent the character from exiting a chamber and for opening locked doors.

Also, Players can use paint-like gels to alter the properties of items and surfaces when sprayed upon. Players can traverse surfaces quickly with the orange Propulsion gel, bounce from a surface using a blue Repulsion Gel and allow surfaces to accept portals using a white Conversion Gel. However, only one type of gel coat on a surface at a single time. Some surfaces are gel-resistant. you can use water to wash off the gels.


There is 2-player co-op mode where players can use the same console with a split screen or through independent consoles. Both players control robots with separate portal guns and use each other’s portals. A calibration chamber teaches players use of communication tools and portals. Later chambers are less structured and need co-op between both players to cross them. Voice communication is present with a temporary split-screen ability.

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