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Game Analyses: Grand Theft Auto V


In this game analyses article we will be looking at the gameplay, mechanics and the plot (game story) of the fifth installment of the GTA saga, Gta v. We will be seeing how the story of Michael Trevor and others play out.


Partners Michael Townley, Brad Sniper and Trevor Philips take part in a bungled bank burglary at Luddendorff, Yankton. Its 9 years and Michael is now residing in Los Santos with his family under a new name Michael De Santa. Franklin Clinton is a gangbanger functioning in the other side of town for a crooked car salesman and incidentally encounters Michael in process of illegally repossessing his son’s car. The two develop a friendship. Learning of his wife’s adultery, Michael tracks the tennis coach to the latter’s mansion and in a fit of rage burns it down.

Incidentally the mansion is occupied by the spouse of the Mexican drug lord Martin Madrazo who calls claims reparations to avert any further viciousness. Michael returns to delinquency and solicits Franklin’s help to attain the money. The duo along with Franklin’s old friend robs a jewelry store and pays off the debt. In the outskirts of Los Santos, Trevor hears about the heist and immediately understands it to be the accomplishment of his previous partner Michael whom he had assumed to be dead. Trevor tracks down and shocks Michael at the latter’s villa.

With time, lives of the three characters go out of direction. Due to Michael’s increasing nihilistic behavior his family leaves him. Michael becomes a producer at Richards Majestic Theater and argues with the billionaire venture capitalist Devin Weston. Weston vows revenge after Michael prevents him from closing up the studio. Franklin retrieves his comrade Lamar from previous associate Harold Joseph who continually endeavors to kill Lamar. Trevor meanwhile incites a war with The Lost Outlaw motorcycle club, Latin American street gangs, hillbillies, rival meth dealers, Private security firm Merryweather and Triad kingpin Wei Cheng.

Agents Dave Norton and Steve Haines of the FIB instruct Michael to execute procedures to destabilize a competing agency called IAA. With Steve’s and Lester’s help, the gang attack an armored van carrying money for IAA and also take an experimental chemical weapon from an IAA controlled lab. Steve forces Michael to infiltrate the FIB servers and delete any evidence on Steve. Michael takes this opening to wipe all data on his own undertakings which destroys any control Steve has on him.

The group then plan to raid the gold bullion reserve of the Union Depository. However, Trevor determines Brad to be dead unlike what he believed and that it was his body in Michael’s grave. Feeling deceived, Trevor has a falling out with the group which ends up Steve betraying them resulting in a Mexican impasse amongst IAA, FIB and Merryweather. Trevor decides that it is him who has to end Michael and so ends up aiding them.

Steve aids in a successful robbery. Dave with Steve approaches Franklin deciding Trevor to be a burden and also telling that Devon wants payback for Michael’s treachery. Franklin has to pick to either kill Trevor or Michael or endeavor to protect both of them ending in a death run. If Franklin kills Michael or Trevor, he terminates communication with the other and returns to his older life. If not choosing to kill anyone, they face an assault from the combined FIB and Merryweather ending in the deaths of Steve, Stretch, Devin and Wei. Michael and Trevor resolve differences and the threesome continue to be friends.


GTA V is an action-adventure, third or first person open world game. Players follow a linear storyline with set missions along with multitude of side quests. Players are free to roam and explore the massive open world. Progressing in the story opens lot of unlockable content.

Attacks are melee, fire-arms and explosives. Players can run, jump, walk or swim or travel via vehicles. Injured players will have their half bar of health restored. Respawning of players is in hospitals. Wanted meter increases with severity and number of crimes committed ending in pursuit by law enforcement.

Players can control the characters Michael, Trevor and Franklin throughout the game to complete different missions. Missions can involve two or all three members. Switching players can be easily done by a directional compass on the HUD outside of missions. Compass avatar of a character switches to red if in need of help or white to signal strategic advantage. Complicated heist missions involve AI controlled associates with specific skills like hacking or driving.

Characters have a set of 8 skills representing different abilities of the character. Characters have one skill set specific to them and others can be developed over the story. The eighth skill is a specific skill unique to each character like bullet time skill for Michael, time slow while driving for Franklin and Trevor’s skill to deal double damage but take half. Ability usage depletes ability but gets replenished by using special skills.

Players can perform tasks during free roam, trade in stocks, purchase properties, upgrade vehicles and weapons and contact other people using smartphone. Haircuts, tattoos and clothing can customize a player’s appearance in gta v. 

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