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Fnatic moves to second place at LEC ranking

Fnatic has officially moved up to second place on the 2020 LEC ranking board.

Last match at week 8 of LEC Spring Split has recently finished after intense series of matches that changed the standings once again. One of the highlights of the week was Fnatic. The League of Legends team has defeated both Excel Esports and Rogue in two days. Fnatic have also advanced to the second place at the LEC ranking table.

In the latest week 8 of matches, Fnatic fought against Rogue’s league roster. There were several memorable plays during their match. One of those plays belonged to Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau. Bwipo had a top notch performance with his Ornn on the map. His exceedingly good play led him to get the MVP title after the match.

Both Fnatic and Rogue were going head to head for most par of the match. They both had close scores in their kills, assists, and deaths. However, in both games, Fnatic had pushed on the other side to get the upper hand. The team had the dragons and some of the towers early on that gave them the edge against Rogue’s roster.

Despite having close scores, Rogue always failed to keep up with the other side at some point during the game. Fnatic’s constant push to take down dragons before their roster made them lose some of the core buffs to turn the tide of the battle. This especially became true when Fnatic saw Ocean Drake spawn in the map. The team quickly utilised the dragon to overwhelm Rogue in their lines.

However, Fnatic didn’t just stop with Ocean Drake. After getting the buff, their roster moved on to the Baron and built up even powerful buffs to wreak havoc on Rogue’s roster. Although Rogue tried to stand against Fnatic for some time, the game was ultimately out of their hands.

Fnatic at 2020 Spring Split

There is only one week of matches left at the LEC Spring Split. This means Fnatic will be fighting only two more games to finish up the LEC season. It also means that even if they lose the next two games, Fnatic will still be within the top four spots on the LEC ranking. On the other hand, Rogue also has two more games to play till the end of the LEC season. However, unlike Fnatic, the League of Legends team is currently standing in the sixth spot, which puts them at a risk.

Fnatic will be facing MAD Lions and Team Vitality next week at week 9 of LEC Spring Split.

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