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Fnatic introduces 4 new staff in 2020 league team

Fnatic has officially introduced 4 new staff members into it’s 2020 LEC League of Legends team roster

Fnatic has recently introduced its latest 4 staff additions to the league roster. The team welcomed Carlos “Aegie” Cuenca as the assistant coach, Marius “Veigar v2” Aune as the strategic coach, Alexander “LocoEX” Hugo as the new manager of the team, and lastly Javier “Dardo” Zafra as the new team director. The four new staff members will be helping the team in the 2020 LEC season.

What does Dardo have to say since his appointment?

According to the team’s new director, Dardo, he expressed that there is a lot of potential in Fnatic to be a big winner in the league scene. He told that this is why winning will be the main goal in 2020 league year. Dardo also added how the League of Legends organisation fits his work scheme on a long run.

Dardo explained that the new staff will be studying team’s issues in the past seasons. This will allow the team to address these problems in the future matches. There have been several reoccurring problems in the Fnatic‘s league roster in the recent tournaments. These eventually led the team to have lower rankings and performance in the seasons.

Dardo hopes that this technique will optimise and perfect the Fnatic’s performance. He also introduced a new idea for the upcoming LEC season. The main League of Legends team and the Academy team of Fnatic will be sharing info between them. Dardo told that he believed this new “flat structure” idea will be pushing both teams further to the success in the league.

If these new additions really pay off for the team, we might see a more deadly Fnatic in the upcoming 2020 LEC. Fnatic’s first match in 2020 LEC Spring Split will take place on Friday, 24 January. The team will be facing Origen as their first opponent.

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