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Flash Wolves won’t be playing in the PCS

Flash Wolves esports ave officially announced they won’t be taking part in the PCS 2020 tournament.

Earlier today, Flash Wolves has told on twitter that they won’t be participating in the upcoming Pacific Championship (PCS) League of Legends (LoL) season. This is likely because of the 10 spot limit in the upcoming PCS league.

The upcoming Pacific Championship Series combines both League Master Series and League of Legends Southeast Asia Tour. PCS league will be combining teams from Hong Kong, Macao, South Asia, and Taiwan. This causes some problems for the participating teams. PCS league only allows for 10 teams to join the season. While this rule already excluded Flash Wolves from joining in, more teams are likely won’t be able to participate in the league.

However, many people weren’t expecting Flash Wolves to be excluded from the PCS league. The organisation has gathered quite a recognition with their success throughout the LMS in the past years. After announcing that they won’t be in the upcoming league, the team said that they are going to look for a different league for its players.

It will be unfortunate for the fans to watch the upcoming league without Flash Wolves. PCS 2020 league didn’t make any announcements about participating teams yet. It will be interesting to see which teams are going to participate in the PCS in the upcoming days.

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