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Faker becomes part-owner of T1

T1 esports team and Faker have officially signed a deal that makes him a part-owner in the organisation.

T1 has recently revealed a new deal that the company made with Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. According to the team, Faker will now assume part-owner position in the T1 Entertainment & Sports organisation. ESPN has also released further information about the deal telling that the mid laner Faker would also continue his career in the organisation in a leadership position.

In an interview with ESPN, Faker told that he was thrilled to continue his position in T1‘s League of Legends roster. He also thanked the league community for all the support he received during his career. He added that he felt honoured to take part-owner position in T1. Lastly, he said that he was looking forward for his new work within the organisation and that he wanted to support the future of the organisation.

Faker has been one of the greatest names in the professional League of Legends scene. He has been playing for T1‘s league team for the past seven years. During these years, He received three separate Championship titles in Worlds along with his other tournament successes. He has also received Most Valuable Player awards.

Faker will now be moving to another Worlds season. He will continue to play in T1‘s League of Legends roster under his new deal with the organisation.

Joe Marsh on the new Faker contract

T1‘s CEO Joe Marsh has also commented on the new deal during his interview with ESPN. He told that they were excited for Faker to join the team in the upcoming three league seasons. Joe Marsh has also told that Faker was one of the most important players in team’s league success. He told that Faker was going to lead the team for further accomplishments in the professional scene as a part-owner in the organisation. After he retires, Joe Marsh added, Faker would assume a leadership position in the organisation and hopefully support new professional talents in the organisation.

T1 told the community that Faker’s contract with the team will last for the next three years. Compared to the other contracts, three year is the longest possible contract duration allowed by Riot Games. This makes Faker’s contract one of the longest ones in the league scene. Part-ownership position is likely an incentive factor as well. The contract hopes to keep him in the organisation for the future seasons.

In T1‘s announcement, Faker also said that he wanted to accomplish more in the professional scene. But, he added that he wanted to show his best possible performance on the stage as his ultimate goal.

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