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eStar welcome coach DanDy in the roster

DanDy officially joins eStar’s team roster as it’s new head coach ahead of the LPL Summer Series tournament.

Worlds 2014 winner Choi “DanDy” In-Kyu has recently became part of eStar’s LPL roster. The team introduced him to their fans as the new head coach in the lineup. DanDy was previously coaching for Royal Never Give Up during the Demacia Cup 2018 Winter. He will now be prepping the roster for the upcoming LPL Summer series.

DanDy will be entering his eight year in the League of Legends professional scene with eStar. He had been in different teams in his career. Coaching has been a relatively new experience compared to his previous position. He was mainly as a jungler before making the change. He had switched to coaching in 2018 after joining Royal Never Give Up. At the time, he was part of Samsung White during their Worlds 2014 championship. He also played for Vici Gaming for a year and a half after his gig with Samsung White.

After a year of absence from the scene, DanDy will be making his appearance once again the league with eStar. The team had a top eight place finish in the last LPL Spring series. They had someone of the most memorable moments in the LPL Spring season. EStar had managed to take down both Invictus Gaming and FunPlus Phoenix with their fresh talented lineup. Despite the leaving the series with poor results, their success against some of the team teams gained them quite a lot of fame in the scene.

eStar’s new mid laner Fenfen

The team had recently made another addition in their series of preparations for the LPL Summer Split. EStar welcomed Huang “Fenfen” Chen to their lineup as the new mdi laner. At the same time, they had released the former mid laner Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei from the roster. EStar said that Fenfen will be taking Cryin’s place for the upcoming LPL series.

With DanDy’s introduction to the team, eStar have also finalised their lineup for the LPL Summer Split. There were talks that the team might also bring Wang “Alu” Zhi-Yi into the main roster. However, eStar has recently decided to release the support from the team.

LPL Summer series will be starting in less than a week. The summer split begins on 5 June.

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