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EHOME replaces offlaner and coach Faith_bian

EHOME esports replaces it’s offlaner and coach Faith_bian with xiao8 as he recovers from his previous injuries.

EHOME is experiencing another change in their roster for the upcoming season. The organisation’s offlaner and coach Faith_bian has recently extended his time off due to his injuries. This time, however, Zhang xiao8Ning will replace him as the new offlaner and the coach in the upcoming season.

Faith_bian has been very successful in EHOME’s roster. Him and Zhang “y'” Yiping has contributed hugely to EHOME in Dota 2 scene in the past years. The organisation even had some fierce opponents in the Chinese region such as PSG, LGD and Keen Gaming. EHOME’s success made their roster a real threat for a while. However, this seemed to prove wrong when they failed to move to DreamLeague Season 13 Major.

This is the second injury Faith_bian has that caused him to take time off from professional scene. He is having Tenosynovitis in one of his hands, which is an inflammation in the tendons of an hand that cause joint pain and swelling. It is big problem for players constantly using their hands in games such as Dota and League of Legends. As the pain can increase the longer they use their hands during the game session, which can hinder their actions.


EHOME decided to take action and replace their best offlaner and also the coach Faith_bian with xiao8 in the main roster. It isn’t usual for the organisation to replace Faith_Bian with xiao8. In January, due to a similar unfortunate problem with Faith_bian, xiao8 took his place at MDL Macau Major.

Will Faith_bian be able to return?

There is still two months left for the upcoming qualifiers of ESL One Los Angeles Major. So this leaves Faith_bian some time to recover and get back to the EHOME roster. Until then, xiao8 will be taking his place as the coach and offlaner in the first season of China Dota 2 Professional League and World Electronic Sports Games China Qualifiers.

After failing to participate upcoming Major and Minors, EHOME is expecting two more additions to their roster, according to some reports. Cheng “NothingToSay” Jin Xiang and Liu “Sylar” Jiajun are expected to play in the upcoming season. We will all see how this roster is going to turn up until the next season.

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