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EDG defeat Suning in the week 3 of LPL Summer

EDG defeat Suning 2-1 in week 3 of the LPL Summer Split Series

After a rough second week of matches, Suning continues to struggle in their LPL Summer Split run. The team had a good debut week in the summer series with two victories. However, they started to fall apart moving to the second week. They lost both to JD Gaming and Invictus Gaming with staggering 0-2 scores. Suning tried to break their losing streak in their most recent match with EDward Gaming. Unfortunately, EDG still defeated the team with a close 2-1 score.

Suning and EDward Gaming often drafted similar plays on the stage during their match. They both pushed for the Baron on several occasions and ended up clashing multiple times. Their fight was often even on both sides until later in the match. Suning’s draft, however, eventually started to go downhill. EDG saw this as an opportunity and took down the game at the end.

The highlight of the match was the champion pick Aphelios. Suning had managed to take one victory in the second round by drafting the champion against EDward Gaming’s roster. However, EDG quickly adjusted their draft in the last match to put Suning’s Aphelios behind. The team put out high damage champion picks to overpower Suning in the last match to finish the match 2-1.

Although Suning had a good strategy in the beginning of every match, the team lost their coordination in the later phases. EDward Gaming, however, managed to hold their grounds better than Suning in the overall of the matches. The team also had Zhao “Jiejie” Li-Jie in place of their regular jungler Yu “JunJia” Chun-Chia. Still, EDG left most of the fights victorious against Suning on the stage.

LPL Summer Split Week 3

EDward Gaming’s next opponent in the third week of the matches will be Invictus Gaming. The team will be facing Invictus on Sunday, 21 June. Meanwhile, Invictus currently has 2-1 score in their LPL Summer series. They had started their run on the second week of the series with a loss against Team WE. They also defeated Suning 2-0 last week.

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