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Game Analyses: DOS2 – Divinity: Original Sin 2: Definitive edition

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition

In this review, we discuss the synopsis of the plot and the gameplay dynamics of DOS2

DOS2 Plot:

DOS2 begins eons afterwards Divinity Original Sin in the realm of Rivellon. The inhabitants possess an energy termed Source which can be manipulated by Sourcerors for magic or battle. The 7 Rivellon Gods sacrificed a part of their source to Lucian who came to be acknowledged as the Divine with the main objective of keeping the Void at bay. Lucian expires afore the story begins making the curtain amongst the Void and Rivellon permeable.

The Voidwoken, horrific beings from the Void annex Rivellon. An association called the Divine Order persecutes Sourcerors through their Magisters for the use of the Source power. The obscure deity God King rules the Void. The player controls a Sourceror who is capture by the Divine Order to an island bastion called Fort Joy. This cures them of their source power but in reality burns the source out of them making them dull. On the way to Fort Joy, the ship gets destroyed by a giant Kraken. The participant is protected from death by a secretive voice who addresses him as the “Godwoken”.

The protagonist washes ashore Fort Joy and observes the atrocities enforced by Lucian’s son Bishop Alexander with his Leading enforcer Dallis as part of the Divine Order. Godwoken flees the prison and reaches the Hall of Echoes, the territory of the Seven Gods. There he meets one of the Gods who reveal that the Godwoken is to be the succeeding Divine. With the Veil weak, the Source power of the Gods was being exhausted and a Divine had to be chosen to stop the Void. Godwoken flees the island inspite of being attacked by Dallis and Vredemen (a potent Source spell user).

Synopsis progression:

In DOS2, the Godwokent travels to the Divine Order controlled island Reaper’s Coast. Thereby achieving the control of the Source power. The Godwoken goes to the Wall of Ascencion so he can absorb the Source power. Thereby, converting into the Divine. There, the Godwoken learns that Dallis has unearthed the relic Aeteran which has the capability of removing the Source. The Godwoken meets an immortal identified as Aeterna. Aeterna claims to be a fellow of the Eternals, the real inhabitants of Rivellon. The 7 Gods existed as Eternals once but they exiled the remaining Eternals to the Void and made the mortals of Rivellon as their own image to enable them to stay as Gods by draining the Source power from them.

The Godwoken reaches the Well of Ascension in the Nameless Isle. Once there, he only discovers that the banished Eternals had developed as the Voidwoken. Moreover, the Eternals’ ruler had come to be the God King. The God King and the Voidwoken aim to revisit to Rivellon to claim their just place. Unfortunately, before the Godwoken converts to Divine, the well is destroyed by Dallis armed with the Aeteran. Since the Godwoken fails to grow into Divine, the God assaults him out or rage but is defeated by the Godwoken.


The Godwoken follows Dallis to Lucian’s tomb only to find Lucian to be alive. Lucian ends up disclosing that it is he who was consuming the Source power of the Seven. This was in order to mend the Veil and seal the Void. Lucian had enlisted the help of Dallis (an Eternal). Who in turn had revived Braccus Rex, a powerful Sourceror, and hid him as Vredeman.

Braccus Rex interrupts Dallis’ influence and beckons the Kraken to assault three protagonists. The Godwoken routs Braccus Rex. This enables the player to choose different endings like, becoming the subsequent Divine, clearing Rivellon of all Source, freeing influences of Divine and the Source to the realm or permitting Eternal rule in Rivellon.

DOS2 Gameplay:

The gameplay mechanics of DOS2 continue from the previous installment. As such the player can either control one character throughout the game or three people in the party. This game is in a huge open world boasting of lots of discoverable concealed contents. The player can choose some pre-designed characters with independent origins. Also, the player can still construct a custom individual and pick from a list of tribe, sex, attributes and their foundation tales at the beginning. In DOS2, the users can generate an un-dead individual from one of the races.

Players can draft up to three players to be in their party. Although some mods in the Steam Workshop can expand that number. The chosen cohorts are controllable and will exercise altered set of exchanges with the world and the NPCs from the central character. Users experience the option to independently operate individual party associates. This gives the freedom of strategically complex battle tactics and also give a taste of role playing gaming mechanics. Multiplayer modes are both native and online with competitive and cooperative gaming features. Players can combine and alter their skills owing to a skill crafting system. Furthermore, DOS2 also provides an online competitive mode. This is where troupes can divide into two teams and battle each other in an arena fight mode.

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