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Dire Wolves welcome back Shernfire

Shernfire officially returns to Dire Wolves as a team coach ahead of the OPL Spring Split 2 tournament.

After six years in the League of Legends professional scene, Shern “Shernfire” Cherng has recently revealed that he would be returning to his first team in his career. The Jungler had started his time as a professional player with Dire Wolves back in 2014. He had stayed with the team for a little more than half a year before moving to NA. On another side note, Shernfire also hinted that he might be leaving his jungler position for coaching. The team told on Twitter that he will be filling in coaching position for OPL Spring Split 2.

Shernfire had started competing in the professional League of Legends scene as a substitute player. After playing for about seven months in Oceania region with Dire Wolves, he left the region to play in North American region. He left his substitute position for a permanent jungler position with Astral Authority in 2015. Before making his return to Oceania region, he also played in several other teams such as Vortex, Dream Team, and Apex Pride.

In 2019, he got the attention of Team Liquid which led the organisation to sign him to the academy roster.  Liquid also added Shernfire to fill in for Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen. At the time, Broxah was havingproblems with his visa that led to his absence from LCS Spring Split. The team instead had to opt in for substitutes in his place for the early weeks of the series. Shernfire had kept 2.5 KDA during his substitute role.

NA Academy Spring series

Meanwhile, Shernfire was also showing decent performance in Team Liquid’s academy roster. They had a strong start to the NA Academy 2020 Spring season. Unfortunately, the team failed to produce consistent results that pushed them back to sixth place finish in the regular season. Later on, Evil Geniuses Academy roster also managed to stop them in their tracks, leaving them with a top sixth finish in the playoffs.

After spending about sixth month in Team Liquid Academy, the team eventually decided to release Shernfire and bring Jonathan “Grig” Armao in his place. After his departure from the roster, Shernfire had told the community that he felt saddened to leave his dream organisation. On the other hand, Grig was previously in Also Known As. The NA team had a series of poor results after their creation back in 2014. They released all their staff and roster including Grig after failing to get a seed at NACS 2016 Spring Open Qualifiers.

OPL Spring Split 2 will be taking off on 5 June. Dire Wolves’ first opponents are going to be Legacy Esports on 4am CT.

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