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Crown officially leaves CLG roster

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) has officially announced it’s mid-laner Crown has left the team’s roster.

Lee “Crown” Min-ho has been playing in Counter Logic Gaming’s league roster in the past three months. He played as the team’s mid laner during the LCS Spring Split. However, news emerged that the team has released Crown from their roster. CLG has been going through a difficult LCS season this year. Their roster had 2 wins and 10 losses at week 6 of the tournament. The team had a pretty lacking performance in their run.

One of the worst performing players in Counter Logic Gaming’s roster was Crown. Although he was once one of the Worlds winners in 2017, there were too many mistakes on his side during the LCS. Combined with a similar performance from the rest of the team, Crown had a rather low stats at the end of the matches.

Crown had one of the lowest KDA score among other mid laners in the 2020 LCS season. His early game plays were also disappointing. On top of these, he had the lowest amount of damage as a mid laner in the North American League of Legends scene as well. Although the rest of the CLG’s roster wasn’t very good either, Crown’s play was certainly sticking out.


Pobelter returning to the league scene

After a while, Counter Logic Gaming had decided to bring Eugene “Pobelter” Park in the roster. The team put Pobelter in Crown’s position in hopes to turn their rankings around. It wasn’t long that CLG began to improve their performance at 2020 LCS season. League of Legends community also saw the quick change with Crown out of the roster.

It is interesting that Crown was once one of the top performing mid laners in the League of Legends professional scene. During his time in OpTic Gaming, Crown had a decent run at 2019 LCS season. About three years ago, he also had one of his greatest achievements in his career. While he was playing for Samsung Galaxy, their roster had placed first at Worlds 2017.

While it is sad that Crown’s legacy has fallen very steeply, his past definitely shows his decent performances in the league scene. This means that it might just be that he couldn’t synchronise with the rest of the team in Counter Logic Gaming. Unfortunately for Crown, after his performance show at LCS, he might have a difficult time ahead at league professional scene. He will have to push his limits and show his capabilities to get back to the scene.

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