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Blizzard’s Starcraft Ghost footage leaks online

Footage from Blizzard’s old, unreleased and canceled Starcraft Ghost title leaks online.

Blizzard’s cancelled StarCraft: Ghost has been the stuff of gaming legend. It was to mark the developer’s big leap into 3D action games. But it never came to pass — delays, changing developers and evolving game platforms led the studio to put the game on “indefinite hold.” However, now the highly talked about third-person shooter has surfaced. The new unexpected 7-minute footage shows off the menus and basic gameplay, offering the best idea yet of what the unreleased military science fiction stealth-action video game could’ve been like.

According to reports, the footage comes from a leaked build from a dev kit going around that eager players are playing on modified Xbox 360s. The game is unsurprisingly broken. But it appears to have been well into development. Several videos have already been taken offline. Although the one above at least remains.

What’s the backstory on the game?

For those unfamiliar with the game, it’s four years after the end of StarCraft: Brood War, the previous game. The story was to be on Nova, a Terran psychic espionage operative called a “Ghost”. Nova can be seen shooting aliens, looting of dead bodies, reading mission logs. And jumping around the game’s chunky environments. Ghost was a huge test of Blizzard’s game development ability, which is probably also a factor in its failure. Unlike the main StarCraft series, Ghost was a third-person shooter rather than a real-time strategy.

The game was initially announced in 2002. And was for the then-current generation of consoles, including the Xbox, the PlayStation 2. And even the GameCube, further increasing the hype around the title. However, by 2008, it was clear that StarCraft: Ghost wouldn’t be coming at all. And ever since, fans of the Starcraft have been speaking about the game for more than a decade.

After Blizzard axed Ghost, the company switched its focus to games like StarCraft II, and it wasn’t until 2016’s Overwatch that we got an on-the-ground 3D action title. That doesn’t make the apparent leak any less interesting, though. It’s a snapshot of Blizzard trying (and eventually failing) to diversify its gaming experiences at an important moment in the company’s history.

The Xbox build for StarCraft: Ghost is going around on the Internet, in secret of course. But it’s only a matter of time Activision Blizzard erase it from the internet. Until then, perhaps it could inspire fans of the franchise to pick up where the company left off. Who knows, maybe 13 years later, fans will get a VR “sequel” to the franchise as well.

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