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Blade Runner game re-released on GOG

Westwood’s 1997 Blade Runner game has a new re-release online after a decade of silence

The classic game from 1997 Blade Runner, the adventure-filled game which was impossible to acquire and experience once have made its way to the GOG platform.

Surprisingly, the game is going to have a re-release on GOG. Sean Young and James Hong are returning to their previous role. However, the game also seems to feature a brand new character. He is known as Ray McCoy. Ray is a blade runner form the L.A. Police department. Who has to look and search for criminal activities and has to hunt down various forms of rogue replicants. Blade Runner is good because of the way of its storytelling. “A unique detective focused story which is parallel to the original film in 1982. And includes some pre-existing characters which were voiced over by the classic Blade Runner actors”.

Blade Runner is for its attempt to capture the original cinematics of the game. And its a thrilling atmosphere. Development studio Westwood which is nowadays a defunct creator of the series “Command and Conquer” also developed a strategy. A complex narrative pacing that successfully randomized the mystery surrounding the reality of characters and their realities of being either human or replicants. Because of this, the game seemed to evolve every time as each playthrough progresses.

Rising from the Ashes

Blade Runner is still one of the most beloved games to this day. The chances of a re-release in a digital way was almost nearly non-existent.So to see Blade Runner return on GOG is almost a miracle. Not to mention, the Original source code of the game went missing by Westwood during a movement in 2003. Therefore. the players had to find the increasingly rare copies of the game. Or if not then a cracked version launched unofficially. Not to mention the later coming troubles of making it compatible and make it work on a modern PC.

All of those troubles started to adapt a change during this summer when a team from the studios publicly started testing the ScummVM emulator support. The game is now playable through the emulator during October. But the content still is missing offline and hasn’t been introduced officially. GOG reportedly stated on their site that the team of programmers had to reconstruct Blade Runner from various retail discs despite of the original source code of it. The team spent over eight years. And reportedly collaborated with a film studio known as Alcon Interactive Group to launch the title through GOG legally. It is definitely a fresh start for a game that was lost to time.

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