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Beyond a Steel Sky releases new story trailer

Those eagerly anticipating the release of Beyond a Steel Sky, the long-awaited sequel to beloved 90s point-and-click adventure Beneath a Steel Sky, have been thrown a tiny bone by developer Revolution Software in the form of a brand-new story focussed trailer. The first game might be a distant memory to some. But many have anticipated the next chapter in Robert Foster’s story — 26 years in the making. Revolution Software unveiled the project back in 2019 with a trailer, showcasing a newfound Union City where the game’s story takes place. For those who haven’t seen the original announcement trailer, check it out below first.

It has been 26 years since Beneath A Steel Sky was released when it became a classic in the point and click adventure genre. So it was a surprise last year when Revolution Software announced a sequel called Beyond A Steel Sky. Developed by a team including original Beneath a Steel Sky designer Charles Cecil and Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, Beyond a Steel Sky hopes to capture the grim politics, sharp tongue, and dark humour of the original point-and-click adventure while affording it a fresh look, new mechanics, and a modern control system.

What’s the game’s synopsis?

In this new entry, players take on the role of Robert Foster, a man who finds himself drawn to Union City, one of the last mega-cities in a world ravaged by wars and political meltdown. The reason he’s there is to rescue a young child abducted during a brutal attack on his desert dwelling community. The question is, is he up to the task? The new trailer is surprisingly cheerful, reflecting the advancements made in the metallic dystopia since Foster’s last visit. But all the fireworks and neon colours in the world cannot hide the sinister forces pulling the Mega-City’s strings.

What’s the gameplay like?

Beyond a Steel Sky promises a world who’s shape is by your actions. You’ll need to interact with characters to progress, and subvert their motivations where possible. A unique hacking tool is also available to you, and puzzles have multiple solutions depending on how you approach them. There’s also a dynamic world to explore, full of characters whose motivations can be subverted by players according to Revolution. And it all comes together to form an adventure the developer describes as a “dramatic, humorous, cyberpunk thriller. Which explores contemporary themes: social control, AI, and total surveillance”.

Beyond a Steel Sky was initially to launch last year. But saw its release delayed into the “first few months” of 2020 so that Revolution could realise its vision for the game. In a developer update shared in March, the developer notes it was in the midst of full-scale testing. And that the game was “not too far from completion”. Beyond a Steel Sky currently does not have a release date at this time. However, you can find it listed over at Steam. And if you’re looking to see what all the fuss is about from the depths of 1994, then you can pick up the original for free on GOG.

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