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Beastcoast lose to Thunder Predator at WeSave!

Beastcoast dominantly defeated by Thunder Predator 2-0 at the 2020 WeSave! Charity Play tournament

WeSave! Charity Play continues to be the main attention in the Dota 2 community. Almost every region has moved to their finals. But one of the most anticipated matches took place very recently. Top South American team beastcoast and Thunder Predator had a face off in the South American semifinals at WeSave!. The match ended with a surprise decisive win from TP, effectively crushing beastcoast’s roster 2-0.

The entire match between beastcoast and Thunder Predator was one sided. Beastcoast failed to counter other sides moves. TP also had a solid draft against beastcoast that gave them the upper hand in both games.

However, despite Thunder Predator’s excellent team draft, beastcoast was missing a crucial player in their roster. The Dota 2 team was missing Héctor “K1” Rodríguez. K1 has been playing in the roster as the carry for the past five months. But in that short duration, he had got the best stats among other players in the team. Unfortunately, he couldn’t join the team for WeSave! Charity Play. Therefore, the team had to fill in his spot with Sergio “Prada” Toribio.

Thunder Predator vs beastcoast 1-0

At the beginning of the first game, beastcoast had immediately started to push on Thunder Predator’s side. However, the early aggression cost them the first death. Elvis “Scofield” Peña died in the early phase feeding the other side. As time went on, TP continued the same strategy on beastcoast and their Slark finished with 19 kills, zero deaths, and 10 assists.

Beastcoast was powerless against the overfed Slark on the other side. Thunder Predator had Treant Protector harassing their roster as well. Eventually the game became completely one sided and TP finished things off at 21-minute mark.

Thunder Predator vs beastcoast 2-0

Thunder Predator brought Void Spirit, Slardar, and Disruptor combo on the map in the second game. For a while, the things had seemed better for beastcoast. In the first few minutes, Jean “Chris Luck” Gonzales and Adrián “Wisper” Dobles have been going even with the other side’s roster, sparking a little hope for the team. But later on, the infamous combo of TP started to take a good toll on beastcoast.

The game two was eventually closed by Dazzle and Troll Warlord on Thunder Predator’s side. At the end their roster had 80 kills in total. While beastcoast lost the game once again, they had a better performance this time around with 23 kills.

Thunder Predator will now be moving to the finals at WeSave! Charity Play. The team will face NoPing e-sports at 4pm CT on Wednesday, 25 March. Due to a recent stretch goal at WeSave!, the teams will also go on a best of five match instead of best of three.

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