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Bazzi retires from Overwatch

Bazzi announces his retirement from Overwatch and parts ways with Hangzhou Spark

Jun-Ki “Bazzi” Park has recently announced his leave from the Overwatch League. Before the announcement, he had been playing as the DPS for Hangzhou Spark. He was one of the first members of the team, joining the team in November 2018. The team broke the news with their fans on Twitter saying that Bazzi had decided to move on from Overwatch League indefinitely.

Bazzi had been in the professional Overwatch scene since 2017. He first begin playing in the scene for Seven during the Korean Open Division. However, he made his first appearance in the Overwatch League in 2019 Stage 2 and 3 playoffs, playing for Hangzhou Spark. After his appearance, he decided to sign a deal with Bilibili Gaming, which is the academy roster of Hangzhou Spark, in the Overwatch Contenders scene.

Players leaving Overwatch League

There has been series of other players dropping out from the professional Overwatch scene in the past weeks. Besides Bazzi, Thomas “brussen” Brussen and Corey “Corey” Nigra had also announced their leave from the scene in the last two weeks. Last month, The DPS player Jay “sinatraa” Won had told his fans that he was retiring from the professional Overwatch as well.

2019-09-12 – Overwatch League 2019 Season / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Bazzi hasn’t made any official explanations to his retirement. However, there has been series of reasons as to why players decided to step away from the title. One of the common reasons was the constant hero changes with every update. There was also the COVID-19 situation around world affecting players. Another big factor was the new title from Riot Games. It has been little over a month since Riot pushed VALORANT to closed beta phase. But the title has already gathered huge attention from the esports scene, teams jumping in to seek its potential.

Despite all the recent events, Hangzhou Sparks still have most of their players intact in their lineup. The team only introduced three new players in their active roster this year. They had promoted Tong “ColdesT” Xiaodong and Liu “M1ka” Jiming from their academy roster Bilibili Gaming at the beginning of 2020. Along with Bazzi, the team have also parted ways with their coach Young-Su “yeah” Jung very recently.

Hangzhou Spark will be back on the stage on 23 May. They will be going against Seoul Dynasty in the quarterfinals in the Asian region bracket.

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