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AZK joins T1’s VALORANT roster

Former CS:GO & Overwatch pro AZK, has officially been recruited into T1 Esport’s VALORANT team roster.

After entering VALORANT’s esports scene, T1 have been building their roster in the past two months. In their latest addition, the team has recently welcomed Keven “AZK” Larivière in their roster. AZK has been absent from the professional scene in the FPS titles for the past two years. He had a long career in CS:GO in the past. He also played in Overwatch League for a year and a half in Team Liquid’s roster.

T1 said that AZK would be joining Braxton “Brax” Pirce. Brax had been the first professional player in the CS:GO scene to announce his leave from the stage. He had told his fans that he was going to switch to VALORANT. He is also a familiar face to AZK. Brax and AZK had played together about seven years ago in iBUYPOWER’s CS:GO roster. Their team was part of a scandal back in 2015 that led Valve to kick them out of professional stage permanently.

After the unfortunate events with iBUYPOWER, AZK had moved on to Overwatch. He joined Team Liquid the next year to play in the Overwatch League. He played in the roster for about a year and a half in various Overwatch tournaments. During his time, they finished the North American Overwatch Contenders season 2017 in the second place. Team Liquid also had another second place finish that year at Overwatch PIT Championship North America.

In October, ESL lifted the ban on the iBUYPOWER’s roster including AZK. This led AZK to leave Team Liquid and get back to CS:GO scene. He played for GX and then Torqued during his new chapter on the stage. Unfortunately, he failed to find success in the scene and left the professional CS:GO again in 2018.

VALORANT Twitch Rivals

Both T1’s AZK and Brax will be part of Team Hiko in today’s VALORANT Twitch Rivals event in North American region. The two will be joining Hiko, Skadoodle, and n0thing at 6pm CT. Other members in their team are also former professional CS:GO players that switched to VALORANT for a new start.

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