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ATL Academy leaves Overwatch Contenders

Atlanta Reign has announced the ATL Academy is dropping out from Overwatch Contenders

Atlanta Reign have recently shared the unfortunate news to their fans about their Overwatch Contenders team. The organisation had initially entered the Contenders season with ATL Academy roster. However, the organisation has recently announced that ATL Academy would drop out from the Contenders season. They have also stated that ATL Academy roster would be staying out of the professional Overwatch scene until further notice. The Contenders season had its first week of matches in the recent weeks. ATL Academy finished the first week in 6th spot, getting $1,812.50 prize money.

There is a very likely chance that Atlanta Reign decided to forfeit from Overwatch Contenders over the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The current state of the outbreak has already affected the esports scene with cancellations and postponements in the major leagues. Many teams also went through changes to adapt the current state. The Overwatch Contenders season went fully online to eliminate the health concern as well.

Overwatch Contenders

Overwatch Contenders season is very similar to the minor seasons in other esports scenes. The Contenders season features regional tournaments. According to the information on the official website, there are three parts to the Contenders seasons. Every season features single elimination tournaments, playoffs, and trials. Best performing players during these tournaments often gets noticed by the Overwatch League teams.

At the end of the season, the Overwatch League teams reach out these players and sign them to their roster. This makes the Contenders season a way for players to get into the higher leagues. Apart from this aspect, the Overwatch Contenders season also to be an entertaining series in the scene for the Overwatch community.

Despite the early departure of ATL Academy, the fate of their roster is still unknown. There hasn’t been any details regarding to future of the ATL Academy’s roster. ATL Academy have the option to keep the players in the roster until the end of their contract. However, the team can also choose to release them from the roster. If the team chooses to release the roster, other Contenders teams might be able to add them in their lineups in the following days.

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