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Astralis replaces Xyp9x with Snappi

Astralis has recruited Snappi as a substitute in place of Xyp9x for BLAST Premier as he takes a break from the CS:GO scene.

Astralis have recently announced that Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer will be filling in AndreasXyp9xHøjsleth’s position in the upcoming BLAST Premier series. The team said that Xyp9x has decided to take some time off from the professional CS:GO scene. He explained that the stress and exhaustion had left him with lack of motivation to keep playing. This isn’t only time one of the members in Astralis’ roster feeling the burnout as well. About two weeks ago Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander had also decided to go on a break citing similar symptoms affecting his performance in the scene.

Snappi will like be part of the team’s starting roster for a short while. Astralis had previously rumoured to add Patrick “es3tag” Hansen in the same position. But he is currently playing for Heroic, so the team couldn’t bring him to the main roster due to the ongoing contract. Es3tag’s contract with the team will be expiring at the end of June. However, there has been another rumour that the AWPer might instead join TIGER’s roster after the end of his current contract as well.

Xyp9x replacement with Snappi in the roster marks the second change in Astralis’ lineup in the past two weeks. The team had also brought Jakob “JUGi” Hansen recently in place of gla1ve. Meanwhile, Xyp9x explained that he was unsure if he will ever be back to the professional CS:GO scene. However, he said that he hoped his fans could empathise with his decision to prioritise his health.

Heroic and Snappi

Before joining to Astralis, Snappi has been in the inactive roster of Heroic for the past two months. The team had moved him out of the active roster back after their deal with FunPlus Phoenix fell flat. FunPlus Phoenix were in talks with Heroic to sign their lineup. However, with the roster coming back, Heroic decided to move both Snappi and es3tag to the inactive.

On the other hand, Astralis’ Director of Sports, Kasper Hvidt has said that they have followed a clear path on wanting to provide better conditions for their players. He told that they have been close with Snappi. He also added that Snappi knew how the team worked thanks to his time with JUGi in Heroic’s roster. Hvidt finished out saying that he was looking forward for him to be part of the team for the next month.

Snappi will be making his first gig with Astralis in the upcoming BLAST Premier Spring Showdown Europe. Blast Premier series will begin in a few days on 1 June. Astralis’ main lineup for the series currently feature JUGi, Nicolai “dev1ce” Reedtz, Peter “dupreeh” Rasmussen, Snappi, and Emil “Magisk” Reif.

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